A bird has whispered into our ears that contrary to the information being held in the public domain for years that Mr. Samuel Atta Mensah popularly referred to as Sammens owns Citi FM, it has emerged that Citi FM’s actual owner is a business mogul called Mr. Nik Amarteifio.

Citi FM is a subsidiary of Omni Media Company Limited, an entity which is owned by Mr. Nik Amarteifio with 80% of the shares.

In the early 2000s , Mr. Nik Amarteifio secured a license from the National Communications Authority (NCA), to operate a commercial radio station (Citi FM) , a subsidiary of Omni Media Limited in Accra.

In ensuring  that his dream became a reality, Mr. Nik Amarteifio, made contact with some prominent media personnel (Names Withheld) to draft “on-air programmes content” to enable him kick-start operations of the radio station (Citi FM).

However, these media personnel could not help, insisting that this did not fall within their area of expertise. Mr. Nik Amarteifio then contracted a media practitioner called Mr. Bright Adu Okyere through Mr. Yaw Opare Asamoah, to draft the “on-air programmes content”.

After the document was completed by Mr. Bright Adu Okyere and accepted by Mr. Nik Amarteifio for implementation, the business mogul then sent Messers Bright Adu Okyere, Yaw Opare Asamoah and Paul Adom Otchere to Lagos Nigeria to strike a partnership deal with Ray Power FM and Channels Television owned by veteran Nigerian Journalist John Momoh.

It is worthy of note that all this while, Sammens wasn’t in the picture. He was introduced to Mr. Nik Amarteifio after this trip by Mr. Paul Adom Otchere – host of GOOD EVENING GHANA on Metro TV at the time, who then had close contact with  Mr. Nik Amarteifio.

Hitherto Sammens was working for Coca-Cola and also hosting a Gospel programme dubbed WALK WITH JESUS on JOY FM with Reverend Cephas Haywood Amartey.

Sammens was subsequently hired by Mr Nik Amarteifio to manage Citi FM, who wholeheartedly gave him 10% shares in Omni Media Company Limited.

Whiles working for Mr. Nik Amartefio and operating from Citi fm’s premises, Sammens proceeded to establish Notice Board with Channel One TV and Channel One radio as its subsidiaries (essentially rival companies to Omni /Citi FM). This epitomizes  a blatant display of arrogance, disrespect and disregard of corporate work ethics. Again, it was also revealed that Sammens clandestinely established Citi TV whiles giving the impression all along that it was a subsidiary of Omni Media Company Ltd.

In a bid to deal with this issue, Omni Media Company Limited had called for a number of board meeting several of which Sammens had failed to attend under the guise of being indisposed . Yet he was sitting on TV and Radio to analyse newspaper publications etc.

After riding on the back of Citi FM’s brand equity and utilising its resources such as personnel etc. for 6 years at least , Sammens without prior notification to or discussion with Mr Nik Amartefio and the Board of Omni Media Company Ltd, has currently rebranded Citi TV as ChannelOne TV and has subsequently continued to use Citi FM and therefore Omni Media’s resources to run ChannelOne TV.

According to deep throat sources and a recent letter sighted by NewsGhanaOnline, signed by Ms.  Amarteorko Amarteifio, Chairperson of Omni Media Company Ltd , the board has requested Mr. Samuel Atta Mensah to appear before it to explain why he established two companies – Notice Board and Citi Media Group without its (Board’s) prior approval.

Apparently, Sammens is yet to respond and has claimed to be out of town and therefore unavailable for proposed board meeting.

In the coming days this news portal will publish the full content of the Board’s letter issued to Sammens by the Board of Directors of Omni Media Company Limited.

In furtherance of our quest to unravel the misconduct and purported unauthorised use of funds at Citi FM, thorough investigations conducted by NewsGhanaOnline have revealed more damning revelations surrounding the rebranding of Citi TV, now ChannelOne TV.

It would be recalled that, this news website in its first exposé last week, headlined “EXPOSED! SAMUEL ATTA MENSAH (SAMENS) “CAUGHT” IN SYPHONING MILLIONS OF CEDIS FROM CITI FM’S BANK ACCOUNTS, categorically stated that Mr. Samuel Atta Mensah is not and has never been the owner of Citi Fm which gave birth to Citi TV.

Stay tuned…as the revelations unfold.

George Maxwell Hayford

George Maxwell Hayford is a Ghanaian Journalist with over 21 years experience in the profession. His cardinal principle is that there is no neutral ground.

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