No true Ghanaian would queue under the scorching sun and vote for Mr Mahama -NPP Communication Officer

John Mahama and his NDC in 2015 constructed the 3-tier Circle interchange at a cost of $268 million and they Dubbed it “ the Circle Dubai” thereby claiming it is an outstanding and a Dubai-like interchange with the best sight one could only envision in a dream with many gullible Ghanaians, falling prey to the narrative only for Dr BAWUMIA to defeat that dubious narrative by using an amount around that region upon the blessing of his Boss, the President to construct 3 different interchanges with one being the best in West Africa, larger in West Africa and first of it kind in West Africa as have been explained below:
The NPP has successfully used 275 million dollars to construct the following interchanges:
1.The 4-their Pokuase Interchange at $94 million which is the largest interchange in West Africa 2. 3-tier interchange at the Obetsebi-Lamptey Circle, with a re-modelled roundabout at the ground level with other asphaltic roads at $135 million 3.
The Tamale interchange comprising a pre-stressed concrete continuous bridge with very few joints to enhance driving comfort, and it involves the construction of some 1.1 kilometres of roads on the bridge, the provision of drainage system, the erection of streetlights and the construction of 10km of asphalted overlay around the Interchange at $46.4 million.
So, whilst the NDCused $268 million to construct only the 3-tier circle interchange, Nana Addo and Dr Bawumia has used $275 million to construct not just the largest and first ever 4-tier interchange in West Africa, they have also constructed the Tamale, obetsebi-lamptey interchanges at around the same amount as used by the NDC.
So, from the above incontrovertible evidence against the NDC, how can a true Ghanaian who means well for this beautiful country queue to vote for Mr John Mahama and leave Dr BAWUMIA who led the negotiations for the construction of the above listed interchanges under the NPP at a better cost and in the interest of the country. NDC= $268 million for one interchange NPP= $275 million for three major interchanges.
Please think about your children and cast your vote for Dr Mahamudu BAWUMIA, the modern and innovative leader or Cast your vote for any of the archaic and obsolete ones.
Writer: Abubakari Yakubu (Baba Amando) Communication Officer Sunyani East Constituency.

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