I’m Still Looking For That God Who Speaks Only On 31st Night – Prophet Kofi Oduro firès 31st night Prophets

Founder and Head Pastor of Alabaster International Ministry in Accra, Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro has stated that he is still looking for the God who speaks only on 31st night.

According to him, it is quite strange and misguiding for prophets in Ghana to declare that God has a special message to individuals and the nation at large on 31St night.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz entertainment program yesterday,  the renowned prophet expressed his shock and dismay at some prophets who only prophesizes to popular figures only on 31St night.

“Seriously speaking I ve been looking for this God who only speaks on 31St night. If I ever find him, I will ask him some questions because it does not make any capital sense for pastors and prophets to create the impression that God delivers special prophecies for celebrities on 31St night”, he noted.

Prophet Dr. Kofi Oduro further stated that  “ God speaks to his servants all the time so people must not solely focus on 31St night prophetic declarations. Live a decent, good and honest life and God will bless you”.

Adding her voice,  Apostle Dr. Charlotte Oduro advised prophets to apply some level of home sense when delivering their prophetic messages especially on 31St night.

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