Bulldog exposés Shatta Wale: Onyɛ sɔɔmi onu. Ur mother is currently sleeping in the house of Medikal’s mum.

The fíght between Shatta Wale and his former manager Bulldog has just intensified as Bulldog has exposed  Shatta.

According to a Facebook post, Bulldog has stated that Shatta Wale’s mother is currently sleeping in the house of Medikal who happens to be Shatta’s close pal.

He posted that “Mr. GbeeNaabu Your Mother is older than me but she has no place to sleep. I hear she takes turns in sleeping around. Last I heard she was sleeping in Medikal’s mother’s house.

Bulldog further questioned why Shatta Wale with all his self-acclaimed riches can’t afford to buy a house for her mum, stating that “Let her join me this week in my FAMILY ROOM. MR IGETMONEY but your Mother  NO GET PLACE TO SLEEP. SHAME ON YOU!

He further described his former employer as an ungratefûl being heavily envies the most decorated musician in Africa  Sarkodie and his RAPPERHOLIC platform.

“The platform that gave you a CHANCE TO PERFORM for THE FIRST TIME in your life on a PROPER STAGE WITH LIGHTING AND SOUND and a CLASSY VENUE 11 years ago. Today you say you are better than Sarkodie? King Sark is A DECADE AHEAD of you. KWASHIABI KWASHIA”, Bulldog added.

Shatta Wale is yet to respond to this particular allegations from his ex Manager.

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