In the beautiful exquisite Retail Store in Osu, GTP, the nation’s premier textile company has launched its special GTP Nustyle Ghana month collection to commemorate Ghana’s 67th independence celebration.

The GTP Nustyle Ghana Month collection comes in eleven (11) vibrant modern designs and in three (3) bolder distinct colours, making it a suitable choice for everyday joyful occasions

With a campaign themed Mefri Ghana, the GTP Nusgyle new Ghana Month collection, is highlighting the nation’s rich cultural heritage, using signs and symbols of Ghana that inspires hope, optimism and patriotism.

Speaking at the event, Reuben Sam, Brands Manager of GTP indicated, “Since 1966, GTP has defined the Ghanaianfashion identity with pride and style. Our designs have always stemmed from our environment, the pride of our the colours and the diverse symbols that unite this nation”.

He added that  “From these unique Ghanaian symbols, we are introducing the new GTP Nustyle Collection created to celebrate our identity this independence day, throughout the month of March and beyond. We are encouraging all our lovers of original, genuine and authentic Ghanaian textiles to  wearGTP and proudly declare Mi fri Ghana with pride”.

The new Ghana Month Collection from GTP is available at all accredited GTP dealers nationwide, at the GTP retail store in Osu, or online at

There is also special offer for large organizations who are interested in partnering GTP to commemorate Ghana month.

Consumers are encouraged to always check the authenticity of any GTP fabric they purchase by matching the code on the edge of the fabric with the code on the label.

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