Battle over East Legon! Yvonne Nelson firès MacBrown: Stop copying me. You lack ideas

Award winning actress and entrepreneur Yvonne Nelson has firèd fellow actress Nana Ama MacBrown for copying her ideas.

According to some checks conducted by NewsGhanaOnline, the two movie giants have unfollowed each other on Twitter which was triggered by the launch of Kid’s Lounge at East Legon, an area where Yvonne already runs a beautiful kids school.

In a Twitter (X) post on her account, Yvonne Nelson threw a shade at Mana Ama MacBrown for stealing her ideas. She twitted, “…thema ideas all finish. Do something today next month they do same”.

Although Yvonne Nelson did not mention MacBrown’s name, players in the entertainment industry have attributed Yvonne’s twit to MacBrown’s Kid’s Lounge which seeks to offer tough competition to Yvonne Nelson’s Just Like Mama Pre-School at East Legon Hills

Nana Ama MacBrown recently opened the Kid’s Lounge at East Legon to commemorate the 5th birthday celebration of her beautiful daughter Baby Maxi.

MacBrown’s Kids’ Lounge aims at serving as an avenue for kids to play, learn, and enjoy themselves.

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