Funny Face could have been lynchëd if…he never kïllèd anyone- DKB

Comedian DKB has shared an update on the Funny Face accident last night, which allegedly claimed the life of at least one person, but DKB’s update seems to suggest that such reports are false.

Last night, March 25, 2024, heavily drunk Funny Face run his car into 5 people at the Kasoa Kakraba junction with two of them being motor riders.

Per an eyewitness statement, the first three people were a mother and her two children, and then two others who were on a motorbike but the details of their condition were sketchy, although we have been told they were quickly rushed to the hospital.

According to DKB’s account of events, no one has lost their life at the time he made the post and went on to thank the Ghana police service for arriving quickly at the scene to handle the situation.

He also added that, Funny Face would have been lynched if not for the presence of the police at the scene as the people were angry given the manner in which he was driving.

“Thanks to the Ghana police for rushing to the scene quickly else he would have been lynched. And also nobody is dead, nobody is dead”–DKB is heard saying this in a video he shared on Instagram.

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