Yvonne Nelson firès Berla Mundi: You have been having sɛx with a married man. Shût up!

It looks like Yvonne Nelson have not been on good terms with Berla Mundi as the celebrated actress has dropped a dírty exposé on the Berla.

According to Yvonne Nelson, Berla Mundi has been dating a highly influential married man in Accra and therefore she has no moral right to openly discuss peoples private issues .

In a Twitter (X) post Yvonne Nelson wrote “Berla Mundi, you’ve been dating a married man and you have the guts to spread lies about me on your show with your clueless guests….do some research, go on@myeyeswide and find out since it’s your job to discuss rumors and people. You claimed you are all about empowerment….,,

Berla Mundi is yet to respond to this allegation.

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