Asiedu Nketiah: We will match NPP boot 4 boot – they don’t believe in fair elections

The National Chairman of opposition National Democratic Congress, General Asiedu Nketiah, has assured National Democratic Congress  (NDC) supporters across the globe that the party will match NPP boot for boot.

According to him, that move will prevent the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) from rigging the 2024 Presidential and Parliamentary Elections.

Addressing the media at a press conference in Accra, the National Chairman noted that the NDC will make sure that every vote cast is counted, adding that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) does not believe in fair elections.

“Every evidence and indicator shows that the NDC will win the 2024 elections. Beyond the polls published by pollsters our series of internal research consistently point to a one touch victory for John Dramani Mahama with a convincinv working majority in Parliament. However, we are not complacent because polls alone do not confer victory on any political party”, he said.

General Asiedu Nketiah further added that, “Moreover, it is being said that those who vote decides nothing but those who count the votes decides everything. We are conscious of our opponent who controls the state machinery, do not believe in fairness at all. That is why we are assuring Ghanaians that we will not rest, tire and falter. We will not relent until every vote is cast, counted and every vote is made to count by the Jean Mensah led electoral commission”.

On the issue of overcoming intimidation and harassment from security agencies being manipulated by government, General Asiedu Nketiah encouraged party supporters to remain resolute.

“We believe that no power, no organised army however powerful it is can defeat an organised and determined people struggling for their freedom. Truth is the Ghanaians have already abandoned the NPP and their followers. Therefore the wisest thing for the ministers to do now is to start preparing for their handing over notes”, he stressed.

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