Ghanaian Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu exposés BBC and Anas Aremeyaw Anas over TB Joshua weird documentary.

Ghanaian Bishop, Ambassador Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu – Founder and Head Pastor of Pottersvile Church in Accra, has disclosed a deep revelation God showed him on 31st Watch Night Service about how global leaders are going to be destroyed.

In a 31st Watch Night video captured by NewsGhanaOnline, Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu who is also the UN Peace Ambassador to Ghana, said that organizations and individuals will set up leaders and destroy them, starting from Men of God.

“Pastors are going to be destroyed because demons know that once they silent pastors, they will lose the authority to talk. Many pastors are going to be accused because lots of agents have been employed to carry out such operations”, he said.

Ambassador Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu further hinted that, “Ladies and gentlemen please pray for us to survive these attacks. Politicians are also going to be targeted. It would ugly because hidden things will come out. These undercover agents will not spare honest leaders who have their countries at heart and will do everything possible to slander and frame them up.”.

He called on all Christians across the globe to rise up in prayer against such evil agenda against the church and leadership in general otherwise there will be total chaos.

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