GPRTU to increase transport fares by 60% if the Emission Levy Bill is not removed.

The Public Relation Officer of the Ghana Private Road Transport Union (GPRTU), Abass Ibrahim Moro, has stated that the driver Union will increase transport fares by 60% if the Emission Levy Bill is not removed.

According to him, the Emission Levy Bill which mandatorily takes effect from this January across the country will rather inflict more burdens and pains on drivers.

He noted that drivers are already suffering from the high costs of spare parts due to high taxes imposed on them by the government.

Speaking during the midday News on Peace FM, the PRO expressed his disappointed by government to rather over burden transport owners by introducing the Emission Levy Bill which vehicles are to pay 100₵ annually.

He said, “We did not just get up to say we’re increasing transport fares by not less than 60%. High costs of spare parts is killing us already and we complained about this issue last year but no one paid attention to us. Even the price of Sprinter bus engine has shot up from three thousand cedis to fifteen thousand cedis. These increments are suffocating us”.

Mr. Abass Imoro Ibrahim however added that their decision is pending until Parliament intervenes.

“Although we have made our intentions clear, we are waiting for Parliament to resume from Christmas break so that we can petition them. Otherwise the only choose left to us would be the increment. The Emission Levy Bill should be scrapped”, Mr. Abass Imoro Ibrahim emphasised.

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