Bongo Ideas: Bawumia is a chronic líar who deserves heavy lashes. He has nothing good to offer.

Social media influencer and journalist, Bongo Ideas has blasted the Vice President Dr. Bawumia after his much awaited speech today at the University of Professional Studies in Accra.

According to him,  Dr. Bawumia is a chronic liar who deserves to be lashed for constantly peddling in lies and falsehood.

In a Facebook post on his wall few minutes after the Vice President ended his speech, Bongo Ideas questioned Dr. Bawumia’s integrity after the Vice stated in his speech that he would cancel the infamous E-Levy if he becomes the president.

He posted, “I’ll abolish e-levy,I’ll terminate bet tax, I’ll scrap emission tax, I’ll stabilize the cedi, I’ll cancel VAT on electricity. Meanwhile, these were introduced under your regime as Vice President”.

”Bawumia deserves serious lashes for insulting our intelligence as Ghanaians! Bawumia is a chronic liar who has nothing to offer GHANA”, he added.

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