Amb Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu: Let’s approach the elections with a sense of responsibility.

The United Nations Peace Ambassador to Ghana, Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu, has implored Ghanaians to approach this year’s election with a sense of responsibility and integrity.

According to him, Ghana has distinguished herself creditably in conducting successful elections since the  country restarted democratic elections in 1992.

Ambassador Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu gave this advice in his 2024 New Year Message to Ghanaians.

“I implore all political parties, candidates, and their supporters to conduct themselves with the utmost integrity and respect for the democratic process. Let us engage in healthy debates, focusing on the issues that truly matter to our people”, he said.

Ambassador Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu further stated that, “Disagreements are inevitable; however,  we can disagree and agree with tolerance for national development. We must understand no one deserves to lose their life during any elections. Therefore, I am appealing to all political leaders and followers, that we must all endeavor to uphold the importance of Every Life Counts Campaign 2024”.

“Ghana has always been a beacon of democracy and peace in Africa, and it is our collective responsibility to uphold and strengthen these principles. Let us remember that our diversities are our strength, and it is through dialogue, understanding, and respect that we can build a better future for all. As we embark on this electoral journey, I urge each one of you to exercise your democratic right to vote. Your vote is not just a symbol of your individual choice, but a powerful tool to shape the destiny of our nation. Let us approach this election with a sense of responsibility, informed by knowledge and guided by our shared vision for a prosperous Ghana”, he added.

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