“President Akuffo Addo’s Legacies will remain even after his exit because he was highly ambitious” – UN’s Peace Ambassador

The United Nations Peace Ambassador to Ghana, Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu has praised President Akuffo Addo for implementing good policies.

According to him, President Akuffo Addo’s Legacies will stand the test of time after his exit from power because he was highly ambitious.

Speaking during his regular church service in Accra, the UN Peace Ambassador who is also the Founder and Senior Bishop at Pottersvile Church, admonished people to learn from the President because he has exhibited a high level of ambition while in office.

He said, “Among the political presidents Ghana has ever produced, Nana Akuffo Addo is the most ambitious president after Nkrumah and Rawlings. This is because his bold decision to introduce the FREE SHS against all odds id highly ambitious and commendable”.

Ambassador Bishop Dr. Sam Owusu further told his congregation that “President Akuffo Addo has laid a solid foundation for growth especially with the one district one factory policy which has benefited a lot of communities across the country. Another ambitious decision he took was the Agenda 111 which is meant to increase the numbers of various hospitals in the country”.

“Nana Addo broke the code because he was extremely ambitious and we must all learn from him. If any of you desires to make a lasting impact on society, they must be highly ambitious and focused. Nobody can do all but President Akuffo Addo has greatly done his part. Ghana will forever remember him for the Planting for Food and Jobs”, he added

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