Government blows a whopping 24 million Ghana cedis on NPP supporters as pocket money in AFCON


My source at the Ministry of Youth and Sports is telling me the Government actually financed some 5000 NPP supporters and sympathisers to Abidjan to watch the Black Stars at the ongoing AFCON.

The government has as of yesterday paid 400 dollars to each NPP supporter they took to Abidjan.

This means that the NPP Government led by Akufo Addo and Bawumia has so paid 2 million dollars to their party supporters currently watching the AFCON in Abidjan.

2 million dollars is equivalent to 24 million cedis 24 million cedis is equivalent to 240 Billion old cedis. This is how much they have spent so far on the supporters.

Note, this does not include the transportation budget in moving these 5000 NPP supporters from Ghana to Abidjan.

Also remember that, This is just for the regular supporters and does not include Ministers, top government appointees, etc

This is the reason the Youth and Sports ministry refused to disclose its budget for the AFCON.

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