SAD NEWS! Moesha Budong reportedly down with strokè on her left body – also brâin dead.

Information flying on Social Media platform has it that, GH Socialite Moesha Budong is currently battling for her life as she is down with stroke on her left side of the body.

The information also revealed that Moesha Budong whose born again life shocked many, also revealed that she has been brain dead after she heavily hit her head on the ground while she was having fun.

Dropping more revelations about the story, Instagram blogger Mari Gyata disclosed that “Moesha Budong is down with what is believed to be a Stroke. Her whole right side is gone. Her brother told me”.

In a related development, controversial journalist and critic, Bongo Ideas, has also hinted that Moesha Budong is braid-dead and is at the moment on life support.

The family of Moesha Budong is yet to either confirm or deny the rumours of she being down with stroke as well as being brain dead.

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